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Lead Lined Drywall

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Gypsum drywall panels are pressure laminated with a permanent adhesive to unpierced sheet lead and arranged to provide effective lead shielding through all joints. Gypsum board panels are secured to studs with drywall screws. Leaded drywall panels will be greater than or equal to the attenuation level specified by a health physicist. In addition to drywall, Pitts Little can apply lead to mold and moisture resistant wallboard as well.

Standard Installation:

  Place leaded side of drywall against studs.
  Drill pilot holes for screws to prevent deformation of lead.
  A minimum lead overlap of one inch is required at all joints and corners.
  Extend lead overhang at least one inch into all frames or openings.
  Fasten lead lined drywall to studs with screws placed a maximum of eight inches on center.
  Install sheet lead over or behind all penetrations, cuts, or punctures to ensure continuity of radiation shielding.

Drywall can be taped, floated and finished as required. Protect installed materials from damage by other construction. Have shielding tested by approved personnel. Shielding must comply with all federal and state regulations.

Note: For lead thickness up to 5/64 (5#), a one inch lead overhang extends off one side of the leaded drywall to serve as a batten strip. If lead thickness exceeds 5/64 (5#), a two inch lead batten strip will be supplied for each piece of lead lined drywall. Batten strips are required at all drywall joints.

Typical Details for Lead Lined Drywall:

Lead Overlap

Lead Batten


Inside Corner

Outside Corner

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