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Borated Polyethylene

Product Details:

  Made in the USA of the finest polymers available. Available in 1%,

2% or 5% boron content (by weight) or virgin formulas.

  High cross-section for consistent neutron attenuation.
  Advanced processes and precise tolerances ensure superior

flatness and consistent density.

  1"x4'x8' sheets allow for easy installation.
  Grade II and III materials are closely inspected and controlled in

accordance with MIL-P 23536A revision A and hipyard specifications.

  Independent lab results available (charges apply).
  Supplied in mill shapes, such as sheets, blocks and slabs.
  Can be machined to your specifications.
  Custom/proprietary colors available with appropriate minimum order.
  Easily fabricated using standard woodworking tools.
  Used in US fighting ships and radiation oncology.

Purple (5% Boron by Weight)



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